Jackson Street Finished + Photographed

extension to rear with waterpipe pergola


practice is quite enamored with post WWII duplex
housing, of which the Burnley Racecourse Estate is the first Melbourne
example. See our previous projects with 2 bedroom versions of the type
in Hampton East and

In Burnley, an oddly shaped extension
retains the charms of the original house and maintains a usable backyard with
passive solar access.

new entry to the side of existing house

loungeroom, Rexroth Mannasmann Collective Architects

Timber island bench with storage above






It integrates readily identifiable sustainable ambitions
into the building fabric with a Trombe wall entry and a Sky planter frame / water pipe pergola.
In coordination with new garden areas the project
offers a long term home for the family, the 3 kids, their chickens, dog, bikes,
vegie garden and kayaks.

A collboration with Rohan Syer Landscape Design and built by MhD of Myrtle Street fame.

Photos by Erica Lauthier.

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