Brick seats

Sometimes a small intervention, carefully planned, can create usable spaces out of overlooked areas.
A good example is the front yard of this Brunswick house.
Here a timber + vine fence and a lush pocket garden shield the front porch, and create a spot in the sun (or shade – provided by stripey blinds concealed in the verandah fascia) for morning coffee or end-of-the-day drinks.
The brick path forms a seat on the edge of the verandah. It is an extra chair, a leaning spot, a place to lie and read or a spot to for a heavy box.

The post footings are raised to enable the reuse of vertical, decorative plant holders adjacent to the verandah posts. Every chance for extra planting makes the space bushier and greener.

In the back yard the brick seat is a pivot point.
It is located at the junction of brick paving, deck and garden. It is also where grape vine pergola meets the open sky.

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