Who is Rexroth Mannasmann?

The Rexroth Mannasmann Collective began as a group of 12 or so newly graduated architects and landscape architects in the year 2000. The group formed out of an interest in entering competitions and a search for an alternative to our day jobs.
Given the impracticality of a moniker that combined an assembly of surnames, we sought the anonymity of a fictitious architectural figurehead and polemicist conceived as part rock star and part Ern Malley character. The yellow pages furnished us with a name that had the big band sound for which we yearned, and the group coalesced into a company of four (now three), becoming the oxymoronic Rexroth Mannasmann Collective PL.
The larger Collective entered a plethora of competitions, with Europan urban design entries in Milton Keynes, Copenhagen, Kotka, Opatija and Bergen.
They have curated exhibitions and are responsible for The Suburban Detail competition series and The Golden Toilet Award.