Now and Then

Warmer weather (albeit only a touch) and thoughts turn to spring flowers and summer at the beach!
A few changes have been made to one of our very 1st projects, but it still makes us smile.
It was a great show of confidence from the clients (given we had no runs on the board at the time) and has helped shape our practice methodology. It was a great collaboration with the clients (one of whom was a retired engineer who had a folder of details he wanted to try!).
(Note the cast concrete stair treads through the window.)

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More material testing

New engineered timber flooring to extend from an area of old pine boards. Builder: Shane Cheeseman

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Testing materials on site

Testing materials at our Fonzie flat project today. Outside grey bricks (existing) and shed cladding (1st floor) with rich brown spotted gum timber and striped

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