Preston Courtyard

, wurundjeri woi-wurrung

Preston Courtyard is a dwelling organized around a walled tropical garden. A heritage listed two storey Victorian terrace is located on the western boundary of the site. Outbuildings in a period style had previously been added on the East and South boundaries and housed a garage and storerooms. The courtyard is framed by a verandah which provides a protected connection between the southern outbuilding and the terrace house but reduced light to adjacent rooms.


Our approach to this project included:

  • highlighting the connection with the courtyard garden through provision of new openings
  • increasing thermal performance by improving draught sealing and increased insulation
  • introduction of additional natural light and ventilation with new skylights, this also provided height and connection to the sky in a low, dark room.
  • conversion of the garage and storeroom spaces into a home office and a separate bedroom to enable flexible work/ family/ guest configurations.



The project was completed in 3 stages over 4 years:


Stage 1:

  • converted part of an existing pool plant room into an ensuite
  • converted a storeroom into a bedroom / studio for adult children or guests

Stage 2:

  • converted a garage into a home office
  • replaced the existing garage door to the Street with a layered façade, comprised of an outer skin of rusted steel louvres for privacy and sun control. An inner layer of double glazed timber casement windows / door provides thermal performance and separate street access.

Stage 3:

  • reconfigured the existing Kitchen / Dining / Laundry / Bathroom spaces to include:
  • a modern working kitchen
  • a garden facing bathroom and living room with good natural light

Builder stage 1 + 2: LJ Precisionbuild

Builder stage 3: Dwyer Constructions

Photography: Erica Lauthier