Burden Park Playground with Simon Ellis

Remedial works to the existing playground at Burden Park are well underway. The original  timber structure was designed by Robert Leathers and erected by the local community in 5 days. The new works include a fresh paint job, new slides and gleaming orange covers to the turret tops.



The names of everyone involved in the original build were engraved onto a picket fence. These pickets have been cleaned up, oiled and reconfigured into an entry maze. The names are mostly on the inside of the maze – like secret spy messaging.
Future stages will include planting, new play structures and nature play areas. Also a new access ramp which will align the approach with the main turrets and playground entry.

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More material testing

New engineered timber flooring to extend from an area of old pine boards. Builder: Shane Cheeseman https://www.facebook.com/ShaneCheesemanBuilders

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Testing materials on site

Testing materials at our Fonzie flat project today. Outside grey bricks (existing) and shed cladding (1st floor) with rich brown spotted gum timber and striped

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