Rexroth inherited this project from another architect at a point where the brief and the basic volumetric approach had been set.
We undertook a number of explorations before adopting an approach that sought to strengthen the identity of the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club through provision of a new addition utilising yellow brick in recognition of the aesthetic of the original clubhouse.

We put the everyday nautical, social and practical workings of the club on display to increase engagement with the local community and to take advantage of views across the bay.
Previously the site presented as impenetrable due to the internal focus of the existing brick building and the blank walls of the sheds which are disposed along the pier. We opened the site to the street by providing a new wrap-around deck and by lifting the North end of the building which allows passers-by to see into and through the building. The club’s social life and working dry docks are open to the public gaze, activating the streetscape and drawing locals over the fence.
HBYC is one of a handful of clubs where members can work on their own vessels. Members were highly engaged with the project in both design and construction phases and will manage implementation of future stages of the project. In recognition of this DIY spirit it was important that this project was not a gesamt kunstwork. The building is a robust container that can be continued without further architectural consultation and without erosion or undermining of the architecture.
And the building has a periscope.

Builder: Renew Constructions

Photography: Erica Lauthier