Crane day – revisited

Thought we’d post some more old photos to show the beginning of the recently photographed prefab-ulous project.
These photos show part of the action of crane day (back in 2008!).
1 Living room / kitchen pod arriving on an oversize truck. Steel pergola visible in another truck in the background.
2 Back of the original house ready for prefab items to be lifted onto site. The concrete water tank cellar (covered in black plastic) and long concrete pond are already in place / were craned in first.
3 The living room pod is being craned into place.

Prefab components @prebuilt_australia

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More material testing

New engineered timber flooring to extend from an area of old pine boards. Builder: Shane Cheeseman

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Testing materials on site

Testing materials at our Fonzie flat project today. Outside grey bricks (existing) and shed cladding (1st floor) with rich brown spotted gum timber and striped

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